Protest in Australia - නින්දිත දෙමළ ඩයස්පෝරාවට එරෙහි සාමූහික විරෝධය

Sinhala Notice

“Once they were treated as the guardians of our Motherland...
They sacrificed their today for our tomorrow...
They are now being criticised as the barbarians...
Let us all stand as one to save our hero’s dignity...”

It’s time to end this ever INCREASING false LTTE propaganda and FAKE VIDEOS.

It is time for ALL of us to stand TOGETHER putting a side our differences for the betterment of our MOTHERLAND

“ABC open your eyes – STOP Promoting Terrorism”


 Date: 30th July 2011 (Saturday).
 Time: From 10am to 1.00pm.
 Venue: Federation Square.
· Kalinga – 0423 936 711
· Osanda – 0468 904 297
· Malaka – 0403 040 659
**More Info (Agenda, Goals)
Facebook Event -!/event.php?eid=221027907932316

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