Minority Invasion - හෙළ ජාතිය සහමුලින්ම සංහාරය කරන සුළු ජාතික ආක්‍රමණය

Janawarga Aakramanaya by Anura Senevirathna


To oust minority invasion - uphold Hela National Sovereignty!

1)     Although, one country has ONE NATION, by the recognition of settler minorities as small nations, the National Sovereignty of Hela Nation is hugely violated.
2)     While Tamil Nadu is Tamil country and 50 Muslim countries are around, granting their alien national rights in tiny Hela Island as well, tantamount to violation of the fundamental human right of the Hela Nation in Hela National Motherland.
3)     Due to granting Tamil alien national rights, for 30 years Tamil terrorists attempted to convert Heladiva into a second Tamil Nadu.
4)     Despite the liberation of country Tamil invasive intent is not halted.
5)     Clear reason is, the “artificial Lankan nationality” degrades the ONLY Nation of Helas who owns the country, while encouraging alien Tamil Muslim nationalities to capture Heladiva.
6)     As a result of artificial Lankan nation the genuine Hela Nation is directed toward suicide and paved the way to capture Heladiva by Tamils and Muslims, who already have their countries of national origins elsewhere.
7)     This being history’s greatest crime, we are brainwashed not to see this impending disaster. After Indian independence, we were preparing for ours, when then British land robbers and terrorists dished out so called independence to a bogus Sinhela clique chosen by them who drove the Hela Nation into a vicious stranglehold. They illegally granted minorities alien national rights which are not given in any other country and made our Hela National Heritage vulnerable to their threats. For true freedom of the Hela Nation, all alien national rights be annulled forthwith.
8)     Due to granting these alien national Tamil Muslim rights, the north and east of Heladiva are being fabricated as Tamil Muslim areas and arrogantly attempting to establish bogus foreign heritages within the Hela National Motherland. But according national sovereignty, not even to one square inch of Heladiva has alien national owner shi p. What they have is private owner shi p to land as INCLUSIVE Hela National Citizens.
9)     The real situation in this Island Country is that Hela Nation is hoodwinked about our inalienable National Sovereignty and due to granting illegal alien national rights to minorities not given in any other host country: these settler minorities with the support of their kin from countries of their national origins are aiming to capture Heladiva as a free additional colony.
10) As we do not perceive this grave crime the world too have identified this island called Lanka as a settlers’ country owned by different settlers.
11) The country called Lanka must be corrected to Heladiva as the tiny island of the Hela Nation as a legal, refined and humane exercise and a duty by justice and truth. Also, the only permanent solution to peace in the land.
12) The Hela Nation is misled about diversity. Many minorities have settled in host countries but their diversity is practised only in private capacity. In  Heladiva, minorities are officially recognised encouraging alien national         invasion, a major threat to Hela National Sovereignty.
13) For peace and prosperity of country the only way forward is to nullify illegal alien national rights causing a great danger to the Hela Nation.
14) To oust minority invasion of Heladiva is not only a right of the Hela Nation but inviolable indigenous National Sovereignty, which is the sacrosanct fundamental human right of a nation of people ONLY in their indigenous national motherland!

Anura Senevirathna (expat Hela team).     

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