Story of Israel - ලාංකීය ඉස්ලාමීය නින්දිතයන්ගේ නිරන්තර ඉලක්කය වූ ඊශ්‍රායලයේ සැබෑ කථාව

Other side of the story of Israel - Israel leads the world in developing cutting edge technology.

ISRAEL, the land of the Jews, was born millennia before it was renamed Palestine by the conquering Romans and before the British decided to turn the eastern lands into Jordan. The Jewish people maintained communities in Israel for three thousand years; that is until the Arabs decided to Massacre the Jews in 1920 and 1929. Hundreds of civilians were murdered, most of them women and children. Meanwhile their brother Arabs states exiled over one million Arab Jews erasing their history. In modern history Israel has been attacked four times by five Arab armies within 60 years. Israel is a survivor. It won every war they waged against Israel. Israel invited Arabs who lived on Jewish land that they were welcome to stay. Israel has always offered a message of peace since the day it was born. But the enemies answered only in bombs, bullets and blood – that it the blood Jews and Arabs. Realizing the enemy could not defeat Israel with arms, they turned to lies. Israel’s name has been smeared time and time again. Though like the Muhamad Al-Dura hoax, each lie is eventually disproved. The enemy continue to claim that Israel is committing “genocide” Is giving educational opportunities to Palestinian Arabs “genocide”?.  20% of the students in Haifa University in Israel are Arabs. If all the Arabs were exiled in 1948, why are 20% of Israel’s citizens are Arabs who vote? Why did Israel give up the entire Sinai and the Gaza strip? Uprooting Israel’s own people from their home, only for the HOPE of peace? In combat operations Israel risks the lives of its own teenagers to minimize civilian casualties. It makes every attempt to target only fighters, often putting Israeli soldiers in harm. In war Israel drop leaflets on areas to be attacked, warning civilians to evacuate. Has any other army in the history of mankind done this for its enemy? Israel waited for 8 years to stop Hamas from its daily rocket attacks on civilians inside Israel. Some say Israel is patient, but the patience is not infinite.                           
. Speaking of the nation of Israel, the Daily Express state, "It grows food in sand, powers homes with the sun and this year launches the world's finest city-wide electric car system. So how has war-torn Israel become such an eco-pioneer?"  "Amid the gunfire, this tiny country  with a population of just under 7.5million leads the world in developing and exporting green technologies that could save the planet.  Ironically it is precisely because of its precarious position that such eco-inventions have flourished.  In innovation it outshines all its neighbours."  Jews have discovered new medicine to treat devastating diseases which are used world wide.   Israel developed technology for the creation of Intel, Anti-virus and cell phones and lead the world in scientific publications per capita. Israel invented the drip irrigation technology to water the desert. This system has since been adopted word wide. "Israeli ingenuity in electricity is not limited to the sun. Innowattech is developing a system to generate electricity from the pressure of traffic driving along roads. Piezo-electric generators are installed inches beneath the upper layer of asphalt and convert the mechanical energy of traffic passing over them into electrical energy.  Before too long it will be possible to drive an electric car powered by a battery whose electricity was generated by the sun or by other cars driving across a sub-surface generator, and whose engine is cooled by recycled water.  But only in Israel." Israel sends humanitarian missions to developing countries, including Sri Lanka and several muslim countries. Israel absorbed hundreds of Muslim refugees who faced genocide in Darfur- refugees no Muslim state would take. Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, and probably the most stubborn – Israel refuses to give up hope for peace. Israel’s friends support it not because of any lobby, or propaganda but because they see the truth. Israel is the heart of the Middle East and the hope for its future. According to their prophet “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation” and Israel is trying, and trying and trying until those words are true. Israel is not only fighting a war of bullets and bombs, they are also fighting a war for the hearts and minds of people all over the world who get confused by a steady stream of misinformation about Israel. The fact that there are Arab muslim member in the Israeli Parliament is never mentioned any articles written condemning Israel. This is the other side of the story. 
The historical name of this land is Eretz Israel, The Land of Israel. Under this name this land was known for thousands of years since the Biblical Time. Other names this land was known under  Judea and Israel. They were the names of two kingdoms the Jews and Israelis created in Eretz Israel.
When Romans conquered Judea, they after Bar Kohba revolt of the Jews renamed the country as Palestina.
So,the name "Palestine" appeared thousands of years after the Jews and Israelis came to this land.
Eretz Israel = Palestine.
Jews were the first, of course. But what makes the situation absolutely comic is that those who pretend to be "Palestinians" and demand that the world calls them "the descendants of the Ancient Philistines" today link to these Ancient Philistines about the same as  Apachi Indians. Ancient Philistines were sea faring people of Greek and Crete origin, they spoke the language which disappeared many thousands of years ago and were not even semites.
Those who call themselves "palestinians" today are the first and second generations of Arab immigrants who at the beginning of the 20th century flooded into Palestine from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Transjordan,  Libya  and other Arab countries. They speak Arabic, not "palestinian", their religion, as that of other arabs is Islam (not paganism, the religion of Ancient Philistines) their traditions, culture, history, holidays, cuisine are purely Arabic.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck--it´s a duck.
The  Arabs first came to Palestine  in the 7th century when the Caliph Umar invaded and conquered this land. Before that there were no Arabs in Palestine. They came to Jewish Palestine only to trade.

But as the British establishment sides with the appeasing of Islamism at home and abroad and as the word Zionism is increasingly bastardized, hijacked by a new definition comprising traditional anti-Semitic libels and demonizing conspiracy theories, and as the liberal media and campaigning groups single out Israel disproportionately among all other countries for criticism, perpetuating the myth that Israel is responsible for mushrooming anti-western sentiment, I feel increasingly that the world community should be educated on these issues. Just compare the actions of Israel - whatever you think about them - with what has been going on in, for example, the Congo: the REAL massacres, the rapes, the genuine barbarity, and then ask yourself: why isn't there one hundredth of the anger about those events. What about the Chinese occupation of Tibet? and discrimination of Tibetans in their own land? There are much more despicable genocides occurring in the world that do not receive proportionate media attention,
 Scientific discoveries in Israel
1 Molecular biology
2. Capsule endoscopy
3. Cancer research

Molecular Biology:
In 1970, Prof. Michel Revel, molecular biologist and physician, began working on interferon, a human gene that acts as a natural defense of the human body against viruses.

By 1979, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Ares-Serono Group decided to open Interpharm, an Israeli subsidiary in Rehovot.

The company offered the money necessary to express human genes to reproduce interferon and to isolate beta interferon.

 By 1981, Prof. Michel Revel discovered that interferon also modulates the immune system and he produced the beta gene.

This beta gene, Beta-Interferon was able to treat with multiple sclerosis. It quiets down the immune system and reduces attacks by over 50%, and it also reduces the disease's progression rate.

It is estimated today that 80 percent of the estimated 700,000 multiple sclerosis patients worldwide are treated with interferon, although there are three companies - including Interpharm - that make the gene.

Interferon-beta is not just for relapsing MS patients, its prescribed for patients with other types of the disease.

Currently, Prof. Michel Revel is working on combinational drugs that will repair the damage done to the nervous system.

Capsule Endoscopy:
The capsule endoscopy procedure was invented by Gavriel Iddan, an Israeli electro-optical engineer, and after 20 years of work, Iddan signed a patent for capsule endoscopy inn 1997. Capsule endoscopy procedures involve swallowing a video camera the size of a multivitamin, and allowing the video-imaging shell to glide through your digestive tract, transmitting images of your intestines to a data recorder worn around the waist, which are then downloaded onto a computer for examination.
Capsule endoscopy procedures help to diagnose Crohn's, an inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and other small-intestine conditions. More than 65,000 patients worldwide have swallowed the M2A capsule

Gavriel Iddan and his associates are determined to create solutions for the entire gastrointestinal tract, including the large intestine and colon.  
Cancer Research:
Cancer research was introduced to Israel in the 1950s by the Weizmann Institute. One of Israel's first cancer-research discoveries was made by Prof. Isaac Birnbaum and Prof. Leo Sachs. They laid the foundation for differentiating between cancer cells and normal cells, and understanding the transformation of a normal cell into a cancerous cell.

While working on blood cells, Sachs discovered that cells have to "make decisions" about whether they will grow or differentiate more. That early discovery led to other cancer-cell discoveries, including the properties, activities, and biology of the P53, a protein that is central to cancer biology.

P53 can be mutated in many human cancers because it instructs cells to stop proliferating and die, rather than mutate into cancerous cells. But when P53 mutates, there is nothing to prevent cells from developing cancer and reconstruct a normal gene from a damaged one.
The P53 research led to more  discoveries, such as a DNA repair mechanism that could allow cells to repair damage. 
This is just a brief history of few inventions by Israeli Jewish scientists.  What have Palestinians or your Islamic (Muslim) community contributed to the world at large? How to blow up innocent people or ow to throw stones, may be.
At least now realize the value of the Jews to the whole world including you and me, whether you are Palestinian, Iranian or any other,  Millions of Muslims world wide benefit from these discoveries by the Jews. Therefore it is your duty to protect the Jews and eliminate the real terrorists.

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