PRADEEPAYA - උගත්, බුද්ධිමත්,ගරු කල යුතු දේශපාලනය මෙන්න.

pradeepaya 2

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  1. Thank you. Yes, it is time that we are forthright with India ( also with our own selves.)

    We are not a particularly multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society but only generally so, like all or most other countries barring may be a few Muslim/ Midlle Eastern states.
    We are a Buddhist Sinhala country like the US is a Christian- American, English-speaking country.
    Canada is a Christian-Canadian, English- speaking country with Quebec a French-speaking area, because they were the French-speaking independence-(from Britain) seekers who built up the Francophone areas.
    So justifiiably their language is French. The Tamils were never nation-builders (of Sri Lanka). They were invaders, marauding & destructive, indentured labour & illegal immigrants (kallatoni).
    Those Tamils who do not wish to go back to their motherland, India, specifically Tamil Nadu, or are not wanted there, should integrate with the Sinhalese, learn Sinhala but continue, if they so wish, to use their language as their home language as they do in Canada, where they learn English for practical living purposes.

    I wonder how we can build up a common forum to push this agenda.


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