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4-4-2011                    CRICKET WORLD CUP
2011 cricket world cup exposed many facets of the Island Country known with a pseudo national name of Srilanka and her Nation. In 1996, SL won the world cup while the Island was writhed in Invasive Tamil terror and cricketers displayed a spirited front like a boost to the defence establishment of the country to disband the Invasive Tamil terror. Similarly, 2011 is the aftermath of the country’s success against Invasive terror but the cricketers were minus victory when they could have easily won. Why? An array of psychological deficiencies surfaced on the part of SL cricketers, its national organisers and selectors. Is it some deflation after exuberance over Invasive terror as cricketers too a part of the nation indivisible from affairs of the country? Can it be the deflation in spirit, now that defence is dropped after success, or mindfully unfit to maintain the positive stance due to lingering psychological debris of servitude, subservience, destructive ego and anti-national degradation inherited from the past? Strangely so, this seems to be the same wasting disease emerging from the country’s leaders now, to go bending over backwards to non indigenous minorities who continue to threaten our Right of National Sovereignty by demanding alien Tamil, Muslim nationalisms. Country’s leadership for the first time in a few hundred years did the right thing to boldly face the international-colonial pressure in sweeping away Invasive Tamil terror – seem to be deflated like the cricketers. Or was it a fix to grant India the cricket victory in case of offending them?
The team selection for the world cup should have given highest national priority. Selecting unfit players no matter how excellent in the past is foolhardy and favouritism over national prestige. Not allowing the most skilful current players is cronyism plus crime against the talented youth. Extra training for assertiveness in captaincy could turn errors into positives. The major flaws exposed in cricket and nationhood in action have common symptoms wanting national self-esteem. Yet, in a unique turn of events in our recent history – we liberated the island and achieved true independence in 2009 and not in 1948. Tragically, this national upliftment after a long delay seems unable to hold its momentum due to earlier stated “lingering psychological debris” of servility, subservience, destructive-ego and anti-national degradation. The self-destructive impact stamped on the Island ’s Sovereign Hela/Sinhela Nation’s psyche by the robber-nations and barbaric terrorists for numerous generations have made ourselves de-value and nullify our standing as an independent NATION. This negative result is the attitude in filling the vacuum sans Nationhood in bending over backwards, ever trying to become someone else as “we are nothing”. This self-rejection developed into a destructive ego like a rudderless ship clueless where it is going. Such attitude springs from rulers right down to general citizenry, easily falls for the connivance and conspiracies of non indigenous minorities. When our country’s leadership who walked tall head high against international colonialists in defending our sovereignty – alas! Now displaying subjugation to settler minorities for “alien Tamil, Muslim rights and devolutions”, when the Island Country of Heladiva should UPHOLD only NATIONAL HELA SOVEREIGNTY as it was why so many Hela lives were sacrificed. We are only 14 million, it seems now we are again falling into invasive traps of minorities who should merge with our Hela Nation rather than we attempt to dance to their tunes of Tamil Nadu and Muslim countries. Diversity should not be official within ONE COUNTRY but official and prevalent in different countries so that their individual and unique national sovereignties with respective cultures can be upheld against insidious “multi-cultural” invasions.
On the face of barbarous foreign intrusions into our island, the element of hybridisation cannot be ignored when a few days ago, in the education minister’s statements that he felt he was Indian and of our genetic relationship with Indians etc. is sufficient proof who some of us are masquerading as us. This is in no way a call for racial purity similar to Nazism but the common human decency to uphold and respect each Nation’s national sovereignty ONLY in their indigenous land. While RACE is restricted to blood-line, NATION is INCLUSIVE of all non indigenous settler minorities into a single nationhood. However, each nation’s root is the indigenous race of people in each of their indigenous lands evolved to  INCLUDE all minorities in the ONE NATION, which is very noble. Sadly, there is a lack of understanding in the inalienability of National Sovereignty with the arrival of “multi-culturalism”. The model of world is multi-cultural in nature where each country upholding a single specific culture and all countries are collectively multi-cultural in nature. So the decent duty of migratory people is to merge with the nation of the host country in maintaining their unique culture which is a part of the world heritage, including their own country of national origin. At the same time, as many national societies have taken on board settler minorities as naturalised national citizens, hence the social fabric has an inkling of different cultural patterns unofficially.  But if “multi-culturalism” is made official in one country like in Heladiva (SL), it will lead to undercover invasions like the recent liberation of the Hela Island from Invasive Tamil terror, which was attempting to create a second Tamil Nadu. The root of this ongoing problem in SL is not giving less rights to non indigenous minorities but TOO MANY. Permanent solution is to Declare & Uphold Inalienable National Hela Sovereignty where all minorities are INCLUSIVE Hela Nationals.  
As earthlings, we are all inter-connected and similar in most areas within the natural world. But in the real world, boundaries, demarcations, varieties do exist which need to be defended and upheld, as predators are far more sinister in the humanoid circuit for comfort and freedom.     
There was an interesting story of a king in the past who achieved all for his Nation & Country and thoroughly fulfilled and wanted to do something new. He asked his prime minister to prepare a dress which cannot be seen. The tailors were confused but pretended in due respect to do all they could to prepare an invisible royal dress. For a certain occasion the king had to be dressed up in this new costume and royal dressers acted as if they were dressing the king. During this occasion a child shouted at the king that he was naked! On the noble count that our current Leader valiantly defended the Country and quite pleased with himself proving he was uniquely different from the past rulers. But now it is apparent although not quite sure unless our Leader has something wise up his sleeve. The disturbing happenings in the Country in approving “tri-lingualism with Tamil which is the language of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) while justifiable is bi-lingualism with only English for practicality, laws of Muslim national countries given official status in Heladiva, Tamil racist land law still allowed to practise, alien-national political parties are still official which are posing invasive threats to the Hela Island, which only recently liberated from Invasive Tamil terror, Tamil devolution is still on the agenda and so on. All these grave questions concerning the survival of the Hela Nation & Heladiva make you think that despite noble achievements, naked exposure of anti-national Hela violations of the past traitorous rulers seem to be emerging from the policies of the current Leader too is the question of highest national concern now! Finally, as humans, rulers or cricketers can make errors but these can be corrected without settling to ignorance or ignoring the truth! While Tamil Nadu is the Tamil Country and there are 50 Muslim countries - why Heladiva should not be the National Hela Country?
Anura Seneviratna, Sapumal Watteaarachchige ( for expat Hela team)

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  1. Interesting Article. Did we allow India to win? Did S.L. selected weak players to allow India to win? Why should Sri Lanka feel insecure? Blackmail by foreign countries? Which country is guilty?
    Sri Lanka need not fear. What happens during wartime to protect the nation from ruthless terrorism is inevitable.
    India should be asked not to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka rulers have to protect the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country. Muslims and Tamils are foreigners settled in this country, some are illegal aliens. No country allows foreigners who become citizens of that country to take over part of the land and claim as their own.

    Need to protect Sri Lanka from Muslim and Tamil invasions, who are gradually gaining foothold in the island. They are bringing in fraudulent reasons to claim their illegal ownership to the Sinhala land.
    This has to stop. There is no need to lose our dignity and be servile to blackmail.
    India is playing games as they have done in the past.
    Sri Lanka does not have to be servile and lose the dignity pride and superiority to please another country; thus losing her own status and genuine claim which is truly hers.
    Let us hope all the rulers think wisely and not be led astray by cowardly and cunning bargaining acts of opportunist.

    Sri Lanka has to wake up and be intelligent and behave and act like some patriotic rulers of the past, (although not all of them were..).

    Patriots will have to make sure that the nation is protected.

    - RD


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