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Hela Diva Bera Ganimu - Anura Seneviratna

27 Aug. 11
Defend Heladiva from settler minority invasion!
The birth of almost every country was due to a NATION and nation evolved from a race of people, whose language and culture upheld country’s national sovereignty. Many migratory communities into this country too became members of this one nation. Hence, every country has one nation and the national owner shi p is held by this one nation. National sovereignty is a wholly justifiable political concept but only in Lanka this humane format is viciously violated.
Name of a country or the country’s land deed has to be in the nation’s name or else outsiders and settler minorities will be given initiative to attempt insidious invasions. Because of the artificial name Lanka instead of its original name Heladiva, it has become a threat to Heladiva and Hela Nation. If Lanka is officially recognised as one nation then it is quite harmless. Even in the robbed countries like America and Australia , where one nation, one language and one culture are sovereign. But in Lanka, where it is ONLY the Hela Nation, Helabasa and Hela culture should be Sovereign, it has been turned into an up side down multi-national country unlike in any other country, vulnerable to insidious invasions by minorities. By granting Tamils of Tamil Nadu(Tamil country) origin and Muslims of Muslim countries the “small nations” status: has grossly violated the National Sovereignty of the Hela Nation of Heladiva. “Small nation”and “big nation” is the vocabulary used to compare between countries and not within one country like Lanka. Hence, Lanka is the only country which violates its own national sovereignty.
Although, recently Heladiva was liberated from an attempt of Tamil invasive terror to turn it into a second Tamil Nadu; this intention is not halted when we see their ongoing Tamil national demands. As there are no noble Tamil community leaders to realise this as an uncivilised demand, the conflict situation of Heladiva will not cease. The ONLY cause for this never ending conflict is due to granting alien national rights in violation of the Hela National Sovereignty, which no other country has given to their settler minorities except in Lanka. This is the greatest national crime in history committed by most of the past pseudo national rulers, in favour of settler minorities in their deliberate attempt to destroy the Hela Nation. They also systematically suppressed the Hela National mindset which resulted in Hela People turning into extreme egotism, paving the way for minorities to be constantly invasive. All Hela Leaders and Citizens should rise to defend Heladiva from invading minorities. The Sovereignty, a Nation has ONLY in their national motherland is a fundamental human right of a nation of people, which is inalienable until the existence of sun and moon, was quoted by our very ancient ancestors. We need to rise to this justice now!!!
Anura Seneviratna (for expat Hela team).

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