Pope, sex and Malcom the Dog - පෝප් ගේ ලමා කාම අපරාද වලට මැල්කම් සාතන් පහන අල්ලයි

නොදන්නා කාගෙ කාගෙත් දැන ගැනීම පිණිස මැල්කම් සාතන්ගේ තවත් දස්සකම්.

 කියවන්න, පුදුම නොවන්න. මෙහි සිංහල අනුවාදය පසුවට බලාපොරොත්තු වන්න

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  1. Such Church organizations / NGO's have hidden agendas however much they hide facts, the truth is different. Now that it had been raided and charged, the Cardinal and Church is taking arms against the Govt. of Sri Lanka and threatening to act, which is why Govt. may have decided to pardon for the moment, otherwise the Church will take it to international and create another mess. We know in many cases the intention of such houses is not honest, there is something fishy there.

    Church and such homes are also makeshift for Homosexual activities, which is what the Catholic church is famous from it's early inception.

    Some of the children sold are being cannibalized for body parts. In Europe (Norway) a young 10 yr. Kidney fetches US$ 100,000/- and above and other parts too. So, we know who the Church is trying to fool. In India they do this human parts business in a massive scale, and now it was uncovered here in Sri Lanka recently. This had been going on for some time.



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