Sarath Fonseka - වීරයෙක්ද? ද්‍රෝහියෙක්ද? (English)

Please read and understand the truth!

Sarath Fonseka knowing or unknowing became a traitor and mercenary of the west (USA) who was then used as reactionary agent to turn around the obtained victory over Tamil LTTE and to be used as an Instrument against MR. 
You should not forget the LTTE is a proxy army of the Vatican in particular and was also serving for themselves to obtain the superiority over in the area for vested interests.
If the Sarath Fonseka is such a patriot and honest, why did he turned against his own commander in chief who provided all what was neded from political decisions to logistics to finish the war?  and how could he join hand with UNP and other Anti Sinhela elements and became direct threat to the only leader who had balls to stand against the West and who acted perfect Commander in Chief unlike his predecessors. ( i.e. JRJ, R.P., D.B.W., & CBK) 

Political leadership is paramount important in directing the country or a war for victory, not its flag holders who follow direct orders. ( Look at USA) 
If Sarath Fonseka was the war hero, why could he not win the war against LTTE during the 30 years of he was in the army for 40 years, including former several commanders of his predecessors?
Sarath Fonseka became a traitor either because he was misguided or over his own whim and fancy to supercede and become a military dictator to satisfy his several personal and international fancies. He then ignited all the unnecessary attention after he uttered the White Flag story, which has so far even lead to the Geneva resolution.  
The credit of the war victory goes to none other than MR and GR who stood fearless and steady and Gota who planned and orchestrated from the very command who is fact was a former soldier.
Anyone else who claim he is the hero is mere parroting what some one else asked him to say for satisfying his hidden master. 
Sarath Fonseka must be greatfull to MR & GR for saving his life so far, otherwise in which case he would be in the kingdom calm if it was in any other country may it be India, Pakistan and so on. 
If this was during our kingdoms, he would have been subjected to capital punishment to execute. We would say, for what he has done the punishment is too light. Such traitors should be sent to kingdom calm and set precedent none to follow in the future.
We need a Sinhela dictator in this country to revive our former grandeur in all shears.  


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