Judge Muhammad Day - ජනවාරි 30, ලෝකය මුහම්මද් නබි(සල්-ලාල ) ව විනිශ්චය කරන දිනයයි


January 30th, 2012

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Stand Up America Now with Dr Terry Jones Announces:
International Judge Muhammad Day
The date of the event will be announced later. 
International Judge Muhammad Day will be a day that we put Muhammad on trial.  We will examine his life.  Was he a prophet of God as is claimed by the religion of Islam?  Or was he a pedophile?  Was he a deceiver?  Was he a man of peace or was he a man of violence?  Did he leave behind a world religion that betters mankind and promotes the equality of mankind?  Or did he leave behind a religion of violence, a religion of racism and prejudice?  Did he leave behind a religion that does not promote living together in peace and harmony and disrespects others opinions and religions?  Or did he leave behind a religion that believes only Muslims, believers in Allah and the so-called prophet Muhammad deserve the right to live and pursue their goals in life?
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