JUDGE QURAN DAY VIDEOS - නබිගේ කාම සටහන් පොත, කුරාණය විනිශ්චය කල වීඩියෝ

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was an OPEN PUBLIC event held on March 20, 2011 in Gainesville, Florida.

The Koran was charged with accused of inciting murder, rape and terrorist activities.  It is under suspicion of the direct or indirect murder of millions of people around the world.  During the trial which lasted approximately 6 hours, the Koran was found guilty, then 'executed' by burning that same evening.
Muslims around the world reacted with violence which again exposes the nature of the teachings in the Koran. 
The raw video footage of this historical, life-changing event was covered up by the cowardly, national media. 
Here are the Official Video Links:

Part 1 International Judge the Koran Day

Part 2 International Judge the Koran Day

Part 3 International Judge the Koran Day

Part 4 International Judge the Koran Day

Final Episode of International Judge the Koran Day

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