Msg to Hela Buddhists - හෙළ බෞද්ධයාට පණිවිඩයක්

For Special Attention of all Sinhela (Buddhists)

Bad planetary transitions and positionings are all indications to disasters all over the world, while we will be most affected with potential changes that could take place and are our vital interests for the future to come. Some indications are of the view that this year is very unfavourable to the country’s leader!

With all the achievements and win over LTTE menace in the country thanks to Pres. Rajapaksa, we will be most lost in case of unexpected eventuality, though we wish he be with us for long as possible, but nature cannot be refused nor contested.

We as Sinhalese have at least so far been lucky under the M R administration to stand Sinhalese as a nation with it pride,  and due respect to Buddhism is placed, though there may be few loop holes and shot falls yet to be corrected.  

In the case of a such an eventuality, constitutionally there will be an immediate successor but it will any way lead to demands from opposition for an election and in the event of such a situation UNP would come to power and President will be a UNP figure.

In a scenario of this kind, what guarantee that we have from a possible UNP leadership of his stand in terms of Sinhalese and Buddhists ?

We must make this point clear now and take it up before it’s too late !

May our Pres. M. Rajapaksa, live longer with the blessings and power of Triple gem and protect our motherland from all types of conspiracies by traitors and  traitor nations/political parties.

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