An important message to all Sinhelas - හෙළ දේශප්‍රේමීන්ට පණිවිඩයක්

Geneva threat and human rights issue!

The resolution passed by the USA/UN alliance was fuelled by the LTTE rump in USA and Europe, who wants to create their Ealaam, used the opportunity of the USA thirst for regional strategic supremacy in their political road map of dividing countries for strategic needs.

The resolution in general includes some hidden agenda to scare Sri Lanka and to bring us to their foots, and subjugate to their (USA) command in general. This is a tricky thing we can overcome diplomatically and by intelligence.

But the other hidden agenda is to use the same vehicle and insert the head for now by LTTE to set up Ealaam in the future is particular. For now it sees as solution to Tamils, (for which there was no problem for Tamils in particular) but in the long run it will pave the way to their Ealaam. First they will get self rule and language, then land rights and Police rights, and then the Ealaam is realized.

The Tamil / LTTE method is Little Now, More Later . Keep in mind, whatever is given cannot be taken back again.

If we succumb to this resolution in fear of USA/UN actions, we will be the losers, and LTTE will be the winner without a drop of blood. The Country our ancestors saved for us as a unitary state will be separated with immediate effect if a single leverage is given to Tamils, yet it does not stop there but even Muslims will follow the suite and ask for separate state for them too.

We have to understand the hidden agenda, where all anti Sinhela forces are waiting for the opportune moment to fish in the troubles water, and USA in general are trying to make us scared and tame us and our leadership to their tune.

Had we were US lackeys, US never would take the LTTE side, instead they will keep a mum about what is happening here.
We should not compromise a single thing to Tamils/LTTE from our Motherland, we must insist with one voice;
*      * We are not ready to compromise unitary status 
-       *Sinhela be the official privileged language
-       *Buddhism must be official and only privileged religion
-       *Reject multiculturalism

All Sinhela people must stand by these demands with one voice regardless of party colour. Politics, cast, creed etc.

Thousands of Sinhela boys gave their flesh, bold and life to save us from LTTE devils, to save our motherland and we should not at any cost betray their sacrifice, which will boomerang on us if we do so.

Unless we stand by our motherland now at this critical moment, our motherland will be divided to LTTE and Islamic state in the immediate future.

Your future generation of children will curse you for having done this crime, they will become salves of Tamils and Muslims.

Let's demand from Govt. not to betray Sinhelas at any cost, or we will go to streets to protect our motherland.

Please educate your Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Friends with correct view as much as possible.

Mother and motherland is nobler than Heaven!
= Most Ven. s. Mahinda Thero=

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