India s(h)itting with USA - පාරේ පහරන ඉන්දියානු ජාතිය

US/UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka & India s(h)itting with USA.

In an unexpected scenario India decided to vote with USA against the resolution and it is more than clear that Sri Lanka lacks the number of votes needed to defeat it, at the US Thuggery on member countries to vote with them.
It’s now well known to all and every sector of the society here in Sri Lanka and other places that the US hegemony prevails regardless of injustice. Why USA brings in resolution is also well known. The dramatic outcome is that India even betrayed Rajiv who was murdered by US/CIA /LTTE alliance and standing in line with USA against Sri Lanka. We fully understand and aware how and why Indian stand changed.

The people of India will answer all that in the next general election, regardless of what the Tamilnadu wants, or India is heading for internal clashes on the outset.

At the inset, India is ruled by Vatican so there is nothing to get surprised of their decision to back the US resolution.  
US forcing India to subjugate Sri Lanka to US hegemony and UNHRC resolution is not the last, but the start only. More to come. US cannot stop China becoming the next super power as well as Sri Lanka will be their foot hold, that is an important location in the future war between East-West as well as when Indo-China breaks out India will get vacked from both sides (east and west of it) and India's borders will have to be re drawn.

On the other side Putin is very critical of US and West is planning silently. History is repeating, its 100 years almost from the 1917 October revolution. Roman Empire's decline also started after it fought with Persia. This time it’s the US-Israel alliance in place of Romans and IRAN. Russia and China are on both sides as well. Don’t forget Putin was former head of KGB!  Not an effigy like Obama. 

India should have thought about what a foolish decision to align with USA the declining empire and bankruptcy at large. India is asking for it, and USA has always driven fools in to hells! not to heaven!

US will tighten our nose by sanctions, but Cuba survived over 65 years and we will survive. It gives ample leverage for China to champion here and once done the H (hambantota) factor is no longer a dream of USA or India.

The ultimate aim of the US Resolution is to subjugate Sinhela Buddhists, cut our feathers, feets and arms in front of Chirchianic Tamils and other forces against Buddhism.  We Sinhela Buddhists must now realize who the India is, reject Indian products, do not let any shit Indians here as well.

Coming months and years will be very interesting to see whats happening on the earth. 

Napolean said '  Don’t go to fight with Cathay.  

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