EXTREMIST MUSLIMS - ලේ උරුමයක් වූ ඉස්ලාම් අන්තවාදය පිටු දකිමු


Dr. Daya Hewapathiarne

Action is required to contain the menace caused by uncaring and ruthless Muslim settlers of Sri Lanka where peaceful cohabitation and religious freedom have been a hallmark for a long period of time. Buddhists need to be vigilant and need to organize themselves against the abuse of privileges, aggression and misdemeanor by the Muslims living in Sri Lanka - our only motherland. No Muslim gives any other religion a status of equality with Islam

The biggest problem with Muslims is their belief that Islam is one and only ‘chosen religion’ and  Muslims are the one and only ‘chosen people’. In an Islamic state people of other faiths are not tolerated. Non-Muslims cannot establish their shrines or  monasteries in any of the Middle Eastern Muslim countries. They cannot hold their religious functions or prayers in public in these countries.  

In our country although they are a non-indigenous minority and basically a settler community, the Muslims insist on living an alienated and un-integrated life and are  agitating for concessions specified by their Islamic religion and Muslim Shariah law.  Misguided by their extremist leaders, they continue to work for their own narrow self interests. The interest of the country as a whole is not their concern, primarily  because Sri Lanka is not an Islamic country. They are least interested in joining the national “mainstream” and work towards national unity and well-being.

No meaningful dialog on Islam or on the divisive attitudes and activities of Muslims is possible with most Muslims in Sri Lanka. They unnecessarily feel intimidated whenever  legitimate questions pertaining to Islam or the Quran are posed. Those who question are immediately considered as being anti-Islam. Most Muslims lack the courage to respond to even the most abject injustices evident in the beliefs and practices in Islam.  They fail to realize that true open-mindedness consists of contemplating all premises and weighing the evidence, not of refusing to draw conclusions no matter how strong the case. Reasoning involves deduction and induction. This is the basis of the scientific process. Why do Muslims cause disharmony and battle all societies they infiltrate?

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