ISLAM - A BLACK HOLE by Priyantha Hettige


Muslims seem different. Those who live in Islamic majority countries are different. Their religion requires them to inhabit a world of seventh century Arabia – dark and superstitious and war-like. They believe in the Koran, it is the word of God. They are required to believe – to doubt is to get killed for heresy by the religious thought police – the psychotics, psychopaths and schizophrenics, those sick people that inhabit every society, in this case under the disguise of fanatical enforcers of the Sharia Law.  The Koran instructs believers to be suspicious of anything not in the Koran

Western people do not understand what they look at when they see a Muslim. He may seem modern, with western clothes, jeans and tee shirt. But his mind is something different. He inhabits the delusional world of seventh century Arabia – and usually not even the place where he was born.

Worse, he cannot leave this fantasy world, nor modernize it because it is the word of God. Muslims are in real difficulties. They are stuck in a time warp they cannot get out of.
Just supposing they were able to divest themselves of this dogma from the dark ages – they have nothing to replace it with. They would inhabit a black hole of cultural emptiness – like the empty hole after the extraction of a familiar but rotten tooth.

They want to leave – but they cannot and infact, should not get out. It is their destiny to believe in Mohammed and Allah to the end of time. Mohammed shut them in, locked the door and threw away the key.
He did this by obliterating previous, ancient cultures such as the Babylonians, the Zoroastrians, the Sassanians, the Nabataeans and the Egyptian remains after Islamic conquest and occupation. Muslims have been cut off at their roots – their roots in history.
Even the far off Indonesians had wholesome Buddhism and Hinduism to see them through life. All that local culture has been uprooted and destroyed – now they worship Meccah, Medina and Jerusalem, places on the map few will ever see, right to the end of their lives. Allah is a cruel and jealous god.

Beware of the trap that is Islam!

-Priyantha Hettige

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