To the kind attention of Hon D. M. Jayaratne

Dear Prime Minister,

I presume under noted report seen on a website associated with the Roman Catholic church stating assertions attributed to you is factual.

May I point out that, Buddha Dhamma is not a 'religion' according to etymology for this particular word in Englsih Language? Intermediaries to deities such as God or Yahweh in Christianity are similar to Kapuraalès in our devalès, among the multi coloured, multi disciplinary deities our fellow inhabitants have been worshiping for many millenia. Kapuraalès, regardless whether serving Yaweh, Dadimunda, Katharagama, Vishnu or Maha Brahma have nothing in common with community of the Maha Sangha. Symbiotic relationship with the Maha Sangha as mentors to inhabitants of Lanka has evolved over a millenia & unparalleled to any.

As you say, followers of Buddha Dhamma are conditioned among other things, to honour & respect prevailing systems of belief & founders of such belief systems. As you know, predominant majority of our fellow inhabitants already live according to such ideals regradless of the few who adhere to dogma to the letter. However, in general such tolerance does not exist in Kapuraalès for belief systems originating from the middle east. Overwhelming need to convert or destroy the Pagan, the Heretic, the Non-Beleiver exists, as that is a primary command in such systems of belief. 'Inter-religious' forum you keep talking about is necessary exclusivly for such individuals to help instill tolerance towards others. Whereas inhabitants of Lanka naturally look after their Kapuraalès very well, regardless of deity they may profess to serve. Or colour of new hat I might add.

If those like the business man/land owner of the Bellanvila Temple & similar persons claiming to represent the community of the Maha Sangha wish to engage in tête-à-têtes with other Kapuraalès then, that is their prerogative. Organs of the state has no role in such discussions. Just as the state plays no role or has no interest in for e.g. 'maranaa dhara Samithiya' in any community. So called pinnacle of democracy United States of America is founded on theistic ideals & loudly proclaim themselves as a Christian nation. Similarly, world view in citizens of Sri Lanka is founded on principles in the Buddha Dhamma & therefore Sri Lanka is a 'Buddhist' nation. Why are we reluctant to assert that reality?              

Comment made by one of greatest leaders of Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa is relevant, when he warned intransigent LTTE terrorists to not push him against a wall. May I caution you that, it is a grave error push a similar predicament on the vast majority of those who elected you & others in government into power. Especially considering raging events escalating elsewhere in other societies around the world at this time. Your unfortunate role thus far in this matter, is already being used by certain vested interests to seed disenchantment among our people. Eventually Bhikku's may begin to refer to a colossal betrayal during bana sessions at temples around the island. That might lead to a schism we do not need at this time or any other time - diversion provided by cricket notwithstanding! That which achieved with great effort & sacrifice can revert to zero in an instant just as a drop of cow dung destroys a can of milk.

Let followers of the Buddha Dhamma in Lanka celebrate a very significant event to them as aspired & planned. Without any member of the government acting at variance as cats paw presumably to please vested interests. Other than of course working in harmony with constitutionally mandated role for government of Sri Lanka.

May I also suggest that, you look in to state of subscription for Sambudhathva Jayanthi web site created by your ministry? It is set to expire on May 11 2011.

Yours sincerely,

Mohn Senaratne

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  1. Dear Mohn

    This is an excellent letter. Please try to get this published in the Sri Lankan newspapers and websites (local and foreign). Please try to give this open letter to the Prime Minister wider publicity and better still if someone in this forum could translate the letter into Sinhala without losing its powerful message and get it published in the Sinhala newspapers and websites.

    I hope the Prime Minister would have the foresight of the President who withstood all International pressure and acted decisively against the LTTE like our Great Kings of the past. We must tell the Prime Minister in no uncertain terms that the Vatican and its agent Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith should play no part in our Buddha Jayanthi celebrations in May. The extremists in the Muslim and Christian faiths have not shown by their actions in Sri Lanka that they are by any means fair or reasonable to warrant inter faith/ inter religious discussions with the Buddhists. It is the ACTIONS of these extremist communities which the silent majority have been tolerating to date which count louder than WORDS from the "interfaith/multi religious circus show" taken round the country to hoodwink the extremely tolerant but naïve and gullible Buddhists.

    Dhammika Mawella


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