MIND OF A MUSLIM - මුස්ලිම් මනස


Dr. Babu Suseelan

A  Muslim from Bihar, India attacked without any provocation Matha Amrathanda Mai during her prayer meeting at Amritanada Madam, Kerala, India. The converted Muslim was shouting Arabic obscenities while surging to attack Amma. He continued his bizarre behavior even after he was subdued by the security.

Why do an innocent person after conversion to Islam become so violent, aggressive and display his killer instinct so suddenly. Mullahs ensure that the newly convert is erased all his cultural roots, passivity, compassion and tolerance. Kindness and compassion are replaced with sadism and aggression which characterize all converts to Islam.

Islamic education and indoctrination by Mullahs will rewire their brains and reshape their behavior. Rot learning of the Koran ensure erasing all ability for critical thinking, logical analysis and cultural-spiritual social-roots. Those who question this indoctrination will be labeled as apostate and severely punished.

 These converts are willing to hurt and do harm to all infidels (non-Believers of Islam). They lovingly assure the victims the maximum hurt and pain, even death. In them, we see a compulsive insistence on Islamic ritual in the name of fictitious Allah created by Islamic prophet of death and doom, Mohammad. The hypocrisy of it is usually unrecognized by the converts or the general public. New converts find delight in torturing, stoning alive or even beheading infidels. Without provocation, Islamists show aggressiveness and they act without fear, guilt, and remorse, shame or show any empathy for the victims.

Toxic thinking, spiritual malignancy, and homicidal tendency ultimately occur in every Muslim. The amok behavior and deviancy become destructive. Their attachment to the family members, or positive attachment to objects in the environment which, make up normal love-life and their capacity for discrimination between real foes and real friends is gone from the converts to Islam.

Islamists are preoccupied with their attachment to the fictitious name called Allah, and not in any fruitful action in the world. The aggressive-destructive impulses dominate in every Muslim. They are highly ambivalent in their relationship with kafirs, infidels and fellow Muslims from other sects. Muslims have a propensity for hostility and a wish to kill all infidels. They consider infidels as hostile and turn the hostility into violence and even murder of non-believers.

An Islamic Mufti once told me at Kuwait “only a fool would continue to wish to be normal after he discover what it would like to be a Muslim”. I see neither hope nor comfort in sinking to that low level. How do we respond to such shockingly repellent statement from an Islamic religious leader?

The situation becomes more confusing when we attempt to comprehend the complex deviant mind of a jihadi terrorist. It is impossible to find a Muslim with perfect mental health. Muslims may look normal, but actually they are paranoiac, psychotic killers.

One frequently reads in Newspapers about Islamic cruelty and atrocities like beheading, stoning alive, honor killing, bombing, hijacking, and terrorism against infidels. We are accustomed with accuracy such homicide bombing, beheading of innocent infidels in all Islamic countries. Every reader will be able to recall similar instances of stoning to death couples and beheading by Muslims in all Islamic countries.

If you are caught in an argument with an Islamist, they will condemn you as mentally ill and an infidel fit for death. Still worse, if you are in an Islamic country, conditions are such you will go berserk or Muslims will forcefully convert you. Any one challenging Islamic norms is branded as kafir, infidel or abnormal. These things are going on in all Islamic countries unabated. Yet this is not the temptation among a number of pseudo secular political leaders and liberal academicians.

Once an innocent Hindu, Christian or Buddhist or any infidel is converted into Islam through Love Jihad, force, allurement or fraud, he or she becomes capricious, and insane. The evidence is compelling. It is common place, for example Jihadi terrorists could strike at any time any place at any moment for the pleasure of Allah. Muslims are adept at creating national traumas, fear and question our consciousness, behaviors and legal system.

There are certain laws governing the activity of the criminals in all civilized nations. . One of the laws of all civilized nations is that criminals, deviants and homicidal maniacs must be apprehended and subjected to criminal justice process and they must be punished in direct proportion to their externally directed destructiveness. This formula is well known to us in social organization in the form of Lex Talionis, the legal basis of all penal systems. But in Islamic countries, Sharia law will make sure that infidels are severely punished and Muslims avoid personal, psychological, and economic damage for insulting or hurting infidels.

Counter Islamic violence and terrorism is one of the highest priorities of International Organizations and democratic governments. Our future safety and security will require proper study of criminal and addictive thinking of Muslims and how to reform Islam. Educators, scientists and researchers have an important role to play in this effort to counter Islamic terrorism. The priority should be placed on how to reform Islam and revise Islamic education. Non-Muslims must make a philosophical examination of Islamic sociopathic and its everyday manifestations. We should make a groundbreaking examination of neuropsychological examination of Islamic mind and how they inflict fear and terror in infidel’s mind.

Since Islam indoctrinates every Muslims with toxic thinking including Al-Taquiea. It will be challenging to convince Islamic countries the need for Islamic reform. Instead of economic aid and military assistance western nations must insist on fundamental changes in Islam and Islamic education. Clearing the way for useful innovative changes in the rigid, fundamentalist Islamic dogma is not easy.

History proves that strategic and military involvements and weapons supply to Islamic nations only foster hostility against the west and democratic countries. We need to identify clearly that Islam is the real aggressive element in terrorism. Islamic dictators may instigate hostility and terrorism against Israel, India and the west practicing democracy and human rights. We know from experience that Muslims Brotherhood came to power after America and the west helped Islamists to topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The case is not different in Libya, Iran, Iraq, Uganda, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and even in Syria.

Just providing economic aid and military assistance to Islamic countries is useless at best and downright harmful and pejorative at worst. Traditional modes of support without conditions or restrictions betray not only Muslims but also all freedom loving, peaceful non-believers of Allah.

 Financial and military rewards for Islamic rulers without conditions for reforming Islam are a greatest sin committed by the west. They are doing a great disservice to humanity. Islamic education makes Muslims strongly biased and their behaviors are seriously pathological in any way. Despite their public show of sanity, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait Islamic education is highly prejudicial and hostility is instilled in every Muslim students. The uniform failure to recognize Islamic hostility and reforming Islamic education will have disastrous consequences for peace loving citizens of the world.

Muslims claim that Islam is a complete and completed religion and no reform is necessary. Our tendency to designate Islam as normal and Islamists is sane people, healthy, normal can be reversed. The stakes are high.

මෙම වටිනා ලිපියේ සිංහල පරිවර්ථනය ලඟදීම බලාපොරොත්තු වන්න.

මේ ව්‍යසන සියල්ල මැද, අපට ඉතිරිව ඇති එකම ආරක්ෂාව නම් සැඟවුනු මුස්ලිම් අලුගෝසුකම් සියලු හෙළයන්ට වහ වහා අවබෝධ කර දීමයි. ඔබටත් ජාතිය ගැන හැඟීමක් ඇති නම්, පහත ලිපිත් බලන්න


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