SUICIDAL ADVISORS - මහ රජුගෙත් හිස ඉල්ලන 13+ දෙන්න එපා!

Kind plea to H.E. 


from Citizen mahinda

The bunch of advisors around you, without your slight suspicion, influenced and financed by the reactionary forces, LTTE Rump, the INGOS and Western Neo-Cons will advise you to devolve power as a solution and a escape goat to the HR allegations.

If you would be taken for a ride on this, then that is the end of your saga and rather than remembering you with gratitude for the elimination from terrorism, the people will remind your parents and even wife the first lady with such a discontent for destroying and subjugating the very country you saved.

In the event, dethroning you from the seat would be made faster and fire cracker makers will have gala time from the people who will light them up to close a chapter in a manner more humiliating than that of the demise of V. Prabhakaran!

The bunch of Politicians and Advisors around you are certainly cutting grass under your feet for hard dollars and foreign citizenship and various other benefits at the cost of our motherland.

We need not worry about the HR quarter, and as long as people are with you there is nothing they can do to harm you, but in the event of devolution and 13 + granted, there will be the hell in this country in the aftermath and very situation will be exploited by the same foreign forces to overthrow you out of the seat just as they did in Tunisia, Egypt & Libya, thus the International conspirators and the bunch will have two birds down from one stone, that is

i)               The division of the country by ethnicity achieved 
ii)             Using the majority anger against the same to dethrone you   

As a loyal citizen who respects and wish you to be on throne, may I draw your attention to few factors herewith that will save you from the unfortunate explained above.
a)   Abolish the 13th amendment as soon as possible, which we did not ask for, but imposed on us by Monkey India in 1987 with the contribution of Yankee J.R. Abolishing 13 A will destabilize all demands from those forums who advocate for regional autonomies, those looking to divide and destroy this country.
b)   Re Establish the Govt. Agent system that prevailed before 1977,
c)    Change the education system back to the Nationalistic Value based and amalgamated with Pirivena, incorporate important subjects of History, and National values in to the curricula, otherwise in another decade or so, we will have a new generation with coloured hair, tattoos who are Yankees no more Sri Lankan.  Fortify the education curricula with more on vocational and agri. based subjects to generate more industrious and agricultural people for the future.
d)   Change the University System from Western model to a Sri Lankan own system that helps generate patriotic graduates rather than mere certificate holders who holds only highly paid jobs and then tormenting innocent public who paid their educational bill. University dons. Must do research and bring about results or they be packed back rather than wasting public money and they enjoy the heaven.
e)    Change the Law and penal code to a Sri Lanka one similar to what existed during the Kingdoms, so that the legal system will be made more simpler, faster in solving conflicts, which under present systems introduced by the colonials wasting colossal amount of resources and time.
f)     Never ever compromise the status and superiority of the SINHELA, BUDDHISTS to appease the international peace brokers or pundits who advocate for multiculture, the very system has failed in their own countries.
There are many other advises, has no space nor time for now, but if you need strategic advises there are many of us who can help you save from impending danger.

The decision to save or destroy by self is in your hand, decisions & actions you make.

May you be well and happy,

Loyal Citizen  

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